Sheer & Opaque Stripe Thigh Highs w/Lace Top
We clearly love socks here, but some socks we love more than others. 
"Dreamers Recommend" highlights the current favorite style of one of our Sock Dreamers.

Dreamer name: India

Current favourite style: Sheer & Opaque Stripe Thigh Highs w/Lace Top

Did you like this sock when we first started carrying it, or did you hate it and grow to love it?

Generally I don’t dig lace on myself but with these it’s okay. 

What is the best thing about this particular style?

They are really long. My inseam is 34” and I like a thigh high to go all the way up sometimes. Not to mention the subtle thinner stripes. Grown up goth if you will.

How’s the fit?

These are tube style, so any shoe size should fit. Also with their length they would work well no matter your gender. They have great stretch, and the lace stay up top is wide enough that they don’t really cut in or roll down. My thigh is 22” and they fit very well on me. They would probably work well from 18” to 23” as well.

Who would you recommend this style for?

Those other tall folks out there. And anyone who likes the stripy look, but wants something cooler for warmer weather.

Anything else?

Great for evening wear, the stripes and the little bit of shine is fun without being gaudy.