after thinking one of our favorite Dream Stockings styles was gone for good we have been blessed with lots of new colors of O Marled socks... and just in time for fall weather to start hitting us with chilly evenings and even chillier mornings.

These deliciously thick, ribbed socks stretch to an accommodating 23 inches around at the tops while still fitting those of us with scrawny calves... a true "Dream" stocking if there ever was one!
My inseam is about 30 inches and my thighs are 19 inches around so these come pretty close to the tops of my thighs if I pull them all the way up, but my favorite way to wear them is thickly cuffed just above my knees. Larger/longer legs will have varying results, but as seen in the image for charcoal, as worn by Trina, these can still be a great OTK...
The biggest change with this new batch is that we decided to only do one foot size which we are calling large because it is larger [in the feet] than the small hunter we have leftover from the previous batches, but don't worry, these fit a shoe size 7 right up to women's 10 pretty well and we will probably switch that large to "one size" when those hunters are gone. I also think these itch a little more before being washed a few times, which we think is due to the marled bits, I solved it by wearing them over leggings, but really it just took washing them to soften them up.

Ember is my favorite color of these right now, and as I sit here telling you why I love them so much I am tempted to wear them through a second day because I don't want to take them off!