I was only able to pop in for a little bit, but our Dreamers were there representing Sock Dreams all three days of the event, with handpicked socks and garters.

I was pretty overwhelmed by all the costumes so I wasn’t able to get too many snaps (and the light in the vendor’s area was not camera friendly :( ), but I did get a picture of some sock browsing by a lovely Manastu whose choker detail I kind a love.

But what about the table!  And the socks!

Besides our DreaM Stockings and Dreamer Socks, Rock Socks was duly represented (yay nerds!), along with the wonderful Japanese brand, Tabbisocks and the ever trusty sock glue, which saved quite a few socks over the weekend!

We even brought our custom-made 100 Inch Super Ruched Socks, but nobody was daring enough to take the plunge.

I don’t know where they got their energy, but when I dropped in on Sunday our Dreamers were still rocking socks like crazy.

This was such a fun event, we’re already looking forward to next year.  If you saw us at Kumoricon, give us a shoutout!  And don’t forget to post on our Facebook if any of our socks helped complete your costume.