A common request when we’re helping customers is finding a decent uniform sock option.  Because school rules vary it’s always a fun challenge for us to find a style that works best.

Uniform socks, above all, need to be a solid colour and we tend to find folks want them knee high or over the knee.  If you’re looking for solid coloured sock options, even if your school days are long past, this is a good list for you.  This is totally not every solid colour sock we carry, just the styles that have an option in white, which we’ve found to be the most popular uniform sock colour.

Socks for kids and teens can be hard to choose, you go through so many foot sizes when you’re growing up!  I’m going to focus here on options that fit women’s US shoe size 6 (men’s shoe size 4) and up, as we get the most requests for help in these sizes.  Be sure to check the Sizing Information for any styles you’re interested in, we try our best to include all the measurements we can, from top and calf stretch to height from heel to cuff.

Flat knit is a classic choice and is often a slightly lighter weight option.  They’re not as warm as ribs and cables, but they’re a great day-to-day sock.

From left to right:
O Basics
EG ECO Comfort Top Knee High
MP Lace Knee High
(their very subtle texture shouldn’t be a problem within most dress codes)

From left to right:
Solid Acrylic OTK (these work well as a cuffed knee high) •
Extraordinary Thigh Highs
EG Smith Solid Over the Knee Stockings

These are the most basic sock style we see people buying for uniforms.  If you want something that works with your dress code, but is more fun, check out what we've got below the cut.

Ribbed socks not only have a better chance of staying up on some legs, but they can be nice cozy layer when it gets cooler.  One thing we’ve found people like about them is that they work equally well with every-day clothes, when they can be scrunched and slouched, instead of neatly pulled up.

From left to right:
Cotton Slouch Socks
DreaM Slouches
• Ribbed M Stockings •

Trouser socks, in thin nylon, are a great lightweight option.  They’re tube-style, with no formed heel, so littler and bigger feet can wear them easily.

From left to right:
Opaque Solid Nylon Trouser Socks
Solid Opaque Thigh Highs

Textured socks don’t work for some dress codes, and Loose socks are even less likely to be an option if you don’t go to school in a Japanese manga, but I’d be amiss if I didn’t point out these super fun options.

From left to right:
MP Quilted Over the Knee
O Lovelies
O Chevrons

From left to right:
Harajuku Super Loose Socks
Long Cuffable Scrunchable Socks
Super Ms

So, even if you’ve got a dress code to stick to, there are lots of fun sock options to add a little something to your uniform.  And if you have trouble keeping them up, there's always sock glue!  If you’ve bought socks to go with your school clothes, let us know!