We clearly love socks here, but some socks we love more than others.  "Dreamers Recommend" highlights the current favorite style of one of our Sock Dreamers.

Dreamer name: Kori

Current favourite style: Extraordinaries [which are just a taller version of the Dream Stalker Stripes Kori is wearing above  -Brenna]

Did you like this sock when we first started carrying it, or did you hate it and grow to love it?

These socks were a winner from day one!  A true OTK on me, these sweet babies fit my chubby little calves and thighs without discomfort or bulging, and they ALSO fit my tiny little feet and ankles!  These are the best socks EVER!

What is the best thing about this particular style?

Well, not only do they fit me beautifully, but they are gorgeous!  And they’re made in the US too, and eco-friendly… I mean, these socks are the whole package!

How’s the fit?

Oh, and did I mention that they FIT!  EVERYWHERE!  From my 6.5USW feet to my 22 inch thighs, they fit perfectly, but the true magic of these socks is that they fit legs larger than mine… and they fit legs smaller than mine… and feet larger… and calves curvier… and legs longer… I mean, they’re EXTRAORDINARY!

Who would you recommend this style for?

Everyone who likes long socks!

Anything else?

My dog loves them too ?