Every year, as folks plan out what they’ll take with them to the playa, we see links back to us here at Sock Dreams.  The desert means hot days and cold nights, so layering is essential.  Though none of us have had the chance to go to Burning Man (yet!), we do know socks.


To keep yourself safe from playa foot, your feet need to be kept from the alkali desert floor by socks and close-toed shoes.  Several styles of our recycled cotton DreaM Stockings are terry-lined, making them cushy and absorbent bootsocks:

From left to right:

Authentic Military Boot Socks
Dreamy Knee High Tube Socks
M Bootsocks

If terry isn’t your thing, here are three more great styles, ranging from super thick wool to nice and thin recycled cotton.

From left to right:

Coarse Knit Ski Socks
EG Smith Ribbed Bootsock
EG Eco Marled Bootsock

But what about the fun and stripes and legwarmers?  Well, we have our favourite recommendations for those too, but you’ll have to jump below the cut . . .

Leg Warmers

Stripes and sparkles dress up the total usefulness of legwarmers when it comes to layering.  They roll up small in your bag, but make all the difference in keeping your legs comfy during those cold desert nights.

From left to right:

Leg Warmers w/Brass Snaps
• Super Long Open Crochet Leg Warmers •
Lurex Leg Warmers with Pom Pom Tie Tops

From left to right:

Super Warmers – Long
Microfiber Chenille Leg Warmers (and matching armwarmers!) •
Fuzzy Stripes Leg Warmers

Arm Warmers

You can’t have your legs getting all the attention, but that’s what arm warmers are for—and they’re super nice for keeping off the chill when you’re not wearing much else.  The first two are our favourite basics (with high cotton content for you fire dancers!), and then there are some fun, patterned options

From left to right:

Basic Fingerless Gloves
Simone’s Sleeves

From left to right:

Tie Dyed Fingerless Gloves
Harajuku Vitamin Arm Warmers
Checkerboard Fingerless Gloves

What have we missed?  What are your favourite socks and accessories for the playa?