Though we’ve been having a super mild summer here in Oregon, everywhere else has been undergoing quite a heatwave.  Niqkita posted about our Summer collection in late June and a bunch of you posted what your favourite hot weather socks were on our Facebook not much later.  It was impressive to see how many of you stick to your knee highs through the summer!

Because I work in the warehouse at SDHQ, I’ve got to wear closed-toe shoes.  This keeps me from one of my favourite warm-weather ‘sock’ styles, stirrup leg warmers. Which! I know the idea of a leg warmer in August heat is intimidating, but hear me out—

Don’t tell anybody, but at heart I’m a barefoot gal.  My toes like freedom to wiggle and scuff at dirt.  But shoes are a must for running errands or going grocery shopping and I am so not going to put on shoes without socks.  Stirrup leg warmers like the Color Pop Stripes are the perfect compromise.  I can slip on sneakers without having that sweaty foot-to-shoe feeling, or hop in some flip-flops ‘cause my toes are still free.

The Color Pop Stripes are by the Japanese brand Tabbisocks, who make some of the silliest and most fun sock styles.  They’ve got two other cottony stirrup options that I’ve got my eye on, I just don’t know what colour to get!

The Marled Stirrup Leg Warmer comes in this colour we’re calling “Mint” for now, even though Niqkita pointed out it’s more like the underside of a mint leaf.  But it also comes in a soft blue and in a black that definitely appeals to my gothy side while still being all marled and summery:

And then there is the Cuffs & Stripes Shortie Leg Warmer.  I know they are totally kind of Flashdance, but that only makes them appeal to me more. It’s not a true stirrup, because the heel is covered (like the Crochet Lover Toeless Socks), but the soft terry scrunchableness of the cuff wins me over:

What socks have become your staple over this summer?  Is there one you’ve been eyeing lately and want to try before we fade into fall?