Years ago I faithfully maintained my sock journal so well it deserved the name Socks of the Day.

As time went by, and we got ever-busier, I had less time and energy to keep up but had several friends who eagerly helped out. More time went by and we all continued to get busier and the times were changing so we changed the name to the Sock Journal and went so far as to call it Niqkita's Journal for the new site design. But I just can't seem to get back in the swing of it so we'll be switching it back to simply be the Sock Journal and will be featuring reviews and updates from Brenna who is pretty much my left hand girl (as opposed to right hand man, because we're girls and she is, in fact, left-handed).

Brenna has been working closely with me for three years now and has her finger (er, toes, rather...) on the pulse in our warehouse and the sock world around us. She has a lot of great ideas for what to show off and talk about here and will be diving right in with weekly updates starting this week. I have a feeling I will actually become more productive here myself once the weight is off my shoulders...
and, just for fun, here's me in my toetoe anklets lounging with Lola this morning.

Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!