Toesocks were not something I thought I'd be offering when I was first selling socks 10 years ago.
I can't say I had good experiences with them as a child and didn't see why anyone else would want them. Then we got some requests so I tried a few, and then a few more. ToeToe totally changed my impressions of toesocks, they were so comfy, fit my long toes well and stayed on my tiny little pinkies too. Over the years we have acquired quite a collection!

Along came Toesox & Injinji enthusiastically encouraging us to give their toesocks a try... so unique are they that they hold patents on their styles. We haven't had much dry weather lately for giving the Injinji a good outdoor activity testing, esp since none of us has yet to get a pair of Vibrams. So we mostly used the supplier images and have enjoyed the testing we've done so far. Last summer the Toesox toeless with grippy bits were my favorite thing and I'm looking forward to long walks on dry, if not sunny, days... if we ever get any.

In the image above I'm wearing the Toesox in one of the two new solid colors on the left and the Injinji Performance micro on the right, both in pink and I can't say I've picked a favorite yet, but the split toe Injinji is the thickest cushiest tabi sock yet and is great for long walks in sandals. Chances are very good that we will be increasing these lines in the future too.