O for Over-the-knee... that area that can create so much havoc in the sock world.
Depending on both width & height (of both the socks AND your legs, never mind stretch of said socks) an OTK can end up fitting anywhere from just below the knees to right up around your thighs. Why, we even find that can differ from one color or batch to the next of the very same style (it can be enough to drive sock sellers mad!) but we love them and continue to pursue ever better OTK Socks and our Dream Stockings classic is the O Basic.

Basic because it is a basic cotton sock that goes over your knees, most of your knees that is. This line evolved into many variations that are among our all time favorite socks: O Chevrons (a style we see copied every where now) O Dreamies (my alltime fav ...we WILL find a replacement that lives up to the dream!), O Lovelies (crochet-like, all I could think when I first saw them was how lovely they are), O Marled (thick & scrumptious & sure to keep coming back), O Pastels (now merged with our O Basics), O Yummies (deliciously textured, terribly missed), O Tie Dyed (fantastically tie-dyed basics, each and every one is unique), O Woolies (oh so warm, more coming this fall), and now... O Rayons!

Made just for us, just like the rest of our Dream Stockings, by a small family run mill in the USA. These are silky soft in shimmery, brilliant colors (hoping more colors are coming too!). The stretch is great, they came up over all our knees, and look good worn high or scrunched down. I barely want to take mine off, they are so comfy! I used to fear rayon clothing because it always needed to be dry cleaned. But not these! I threw them in the wash with my sheets in warm water, followed by a tumble in the warm dryer and they still fit and look fabulous!

Sock Inspector Lola fears there won't be enough to go around, but we have plenty, for now...