It's been a few days now and everyone agrees, we love the new site!
So, about those new features we'll be adding...
let me see how many I can list for you:

Searching by Color
...oh boy, apparently this one is tricky, but I really REALLY want it to work!

Customer Logins...
complete with wishlists, stored address books, status & tracking on orders

...but of course, everyone's doing it and we're behind, but not for long.

Customer reviews
...a bunch of these will probably not be ready til after summer.

Order histories
...I think we can find a way to show you older orders as well as new.

restock notify options you don't have to write us, just click a button and find out when we have it back.

Latest Items RSS feed
for those who like to utilize RSS feeds, you will know anytime we add a new item!

But before we get to these, the first thing we'll be working on is the credit card processing, a small, but very important step we're taking that will make the last step in paying by credit card go flawlessly, or so we hope...

What did I miss? Let us know if there is something you're hoping for
and we'll see if we can add it to our To Do list...