Because I adore toe socks I couldn't resist five toed tights. They take a little longer to put on even than regular toe socks because there is no quick sliding your toes through nylon (I wish they came in cotton!). But once they are on they feel pretty great. Reinforced toes and a special weave for the areas that need extra support or to breathe. Like all toesock-type items they keep your toes apart resulting in less sweat and your toes never get cramped, not even at the end of the day (unless you stuffed them into narrow shoes of course, but why would you do that?).
We can get these in more colors, currently we just have black, teal and plum... and the pantyhose version comes in tones that are closer to skin color. Both are perfect for showing off your toes modestly while wearing any sort of footing that divides any of your toes or is open toed. And yes, they come at a price, but really, you wouldn't want a cheap version would you, they would just be covered in runs up all five toes, yuck!
Well, I don't expect every one to love these, but if toe socks are your thing I highly recommend these! and if you would like to see more colors let us know which and we just might add them.