Me in my sweet peas
I'm wearing my comfy old pair of Sweet Pea Dreamy knees
(now in slightly different shades of purple) as I prepare to take off for a few days with my mom to see our family down in sunny southern California.
We should *finally* really (no REALLY) be ready to let you all start testing the new site when I return at the end of the week. Dan & Olivia have worked out the last of the issues, bugs and niggly bits that we were able to find on our own. New sites always take longer than you think, much longer...

Sock, socks & more socks!!!
In my absence the rest of our amazing sock dreamers will be busily working as always to keep the socks coming in (we get 5-20 boxes of restock nearly every day at this time of year) and going out (long gone are the days of us hauling buckets to the post office ourselves, USPS sends us a truck three times a day to start our socks off to their happy new homes) not to mention replying to the many emails and phone calls.
Boxes full of socks arriving at our warehouse, a daily event on weekdays
Five years ago I went down for my gramma's 75th birthday...
Lola was just a pup & we had never had or needed an employee. The thought of leaving Bsti home alone with all the orders and a needy baby made us reconsider and we quickly hired our first helper, the talented Ms Xilia Faye. These days Xilia works for herself as a freelance photographer and we have nearly 20 helpers (!!!) working in two locations (our warehouse on Powell & our shop in Sellwood).
As I write this I realize just how much we've grown these past five years...
quite a bit and yet, not too much. It still feels like I'm working with friends & family, we still have fun. Even on the busiest days you might see us dancing and laughing as we gather the sock orders and restock our shelves.
Now to finish packing...
With love & happy toes,
niq ~xoxo
Me 10-5 getting ready to take pictures of socks