I've been loving the new toeless socks and have worn little else since they arrived.
I like all four variations, each is unique and allow your toes to wiggle & breathe
...but the Toesox are my favorite for ultimate comfort and wearability.

Each toe is separate, yet free, in this unique half-toe style. The expanse of grippy dots on the bottoms provide excellent traction and stability in sandals & flip flops and especially if you're using these for yoga, pilates or general barefoot-like goodness.
In my opinion nothing feels quite as good as really nice toe socks, yeah being barefoot can feel pretty good, but I love how my safe and comfy my toes feel when they are each being gently hugged by soft cotton, now add having their top halves free and it is the best of both worlds. (we'll be adding a full toed version soon too).

The Color Pop stirrup leg warmer is my second fav of the bunch...

I found that these made my feet feel really nice, even more freedom while keeping my arches & ankles warm. What really surprised me here was that they actually did warm me, my toes & heels did not feel cold like they had before I put these on and when it does get too cold to have my toes & heels bared I can wear these over other socks or tights for lots of layering possibilities.

The Crochet lovers are my next favorite for their classic style, I will forever love socks that look crocheted and these are completely open at your toes
Crochet Lovers toeless socks in white
...your toes can wiggle with complete freedom.

There are two toeless tabi styles...
the Pop Stars have a nice sprinkling of sparkley stars...

The zip zags are similar to our beloved chevron designs...
O Chevron OTKs in dark red with white details
and have your toes free but separated from your big toe, which is also free. This design is nice because it keeps the sock in place so only your toes show, in fact, my pinky toes do not show in these because they are diminutive and tend to hide.
The thong between my toes was comfortable all day...
but tended to bug me at night after I went to bed.
my pinky toes hide in these

We have at least a few other toeless and stirrup-ed items that can be found in the quick search under toeless (soon to be its own section). Besides being a perfect way to show off your toes, these fit a really wide range of feet from our smallest 6s to our widest 10.5. Just try not to wear them with regular shoes, they are created to allow toe freedom and in regular shoes there is nothing to protect your toes from friction which could result in blisters.