Reviewed by Trina:

Before a couple of years ago I had all but given up on wearing tights. Even queen size hose were pretty iffy, unless I was looking for something that barely fit my thighs, bagged out at my ankles and feet, but could be pulled up to my armpits. I am near the smaller end of the plus size spectrum, about a size 16-18, but still there just aren’t a lot of options out there. Then Niq asked me to try the Foot Traffic Combed Cotton tights. I was skeptical, but I obliged. They fit, actually fit, curves, thighs, tush and all, and did not end up being an almost body suit! I was soooooo excited.
Then came word that we were going to be able to order a plus size version.
OVER THE MOON! Because even though the regular size is amazing, I was almost maxing out the stretch, the waist band rolled a bit, and the thighs did tend to wear out faster than I hoped.

I am 5’6.5”, 225lbs, 31-32 inch inseam,
hips 49in, 29in thigh, 19in calf, size 8.5 shoe.

So now we have them, and they fit me pretty dang good. They have more room in the waist than the regular size helping the waistband lay nice and flat.

Foot Traffic seems to have reinforced the weave from waist to about mid thigh and I’m thinking that will make them last longer. They are still nice and soft and stretchy. They fit my size and shape quite well. I would guess that a size or two above me would do well with them too depending on your shape and leg length.

The leggings fit me a bit differently than the tights. The leggings seem to me a bit smaller, not a ton, but a bit. The plus size legging also has the reinforced thigh and panty area as the tights but here it seems to effect the sideways stretch some and cause a slight dent in my thigh. But the waist band is great on these as well.

Charcoal is one of my favorite colors and am already planning out some nice fall skirt, sock, and legging/tights combos. I can’t wait for even more colors!