This will be our third year sponsoring Pride, this time we get a booth right by the river (w1). I'll bring plenty of sunscreen and am hoping the chances for rain diminish by Saturday because I want to show off my socks and keep my toes dry at the same time. I'll be wearing my fit flops because last year I heard over & over: "Oh, I like socks, but in summer I prefer to wear flip flops..." and if you have ever tried to wear your thongs, slip slops or what-have-you in the rain you know what I'm saying.

When we looked at the list of what did and did not sell last year we found that rainbow socks really did outsell everything else we took, by far, so it will be mostly rainbows that we bring, along with some other fun stuff like fuzzy toe socks, 3D sharks & Pretty Kitties, sock garters and petticoats (we just got some super cute new ones that are not yet on the site, some even have polka dots!!!).
So if you're down by Waterfront Park this weekend stop by and show us your socks!