This is India, she is leaving us for Las Vegas later this week to be with the one she loves. The Simply adjustable Sock Garters shown on her in the previous post were her idea, we had a damaged pair of the traditionals in our unsellable returns box and her socks weren't staying up. She not only solved her own problem but she solved one we've had for ages because our ability to get the buttoned garters has been sporadic at best and these are even simpler, no buttoning required (and you could still adorn them if you wanted). She will be greatly missed by all of us for her hard work, creativity and great taste in leg wear. The boots? I found those at a little boutique in Seattle called Diva Dollz, the brand is Miz Mooz, don't know the model name though.

This is Flaura, shop helper, ad designer and maker of cute stockings that we only sell in our store. She had another idea for how to wear the new garters with the new Super Ruched socks and I thought it was super cute too.
Our Operations Manager Dara shows us here how the feet are thicker than the rest of the sock. We had actually chosen a thicker version of these to be made, or so we thought. When the slightly sheerer version arrived we decided it was probably a good thing because these are really light weight, perfect for warmer weather. Not so sheer that they snag easily, but as you can see in the first images, they will not hide tattoos (yes, that is a pomegranate, hence the name of the red ones). They could totally be worn over tights in cooler weather, over fishnets could look really neat too. And since these were made just for us you won't be finding them anywhere else anytime soon.
Okay, I'm sure I am forgetting several things I wanted to say about these
so ask away and we'll do our best to provide answers...