We're celebrating again this year by offering you 20% off towards restocking your sock stash. All you have to do is type lost socks 2009 in the promo code box during check out (be sure you click on adjust or it won't work). This deal only lasts through the weekend so tell all your friends before it's too late! (because, you know, we're not going to send you two or three emails to remind you~;)

Another great way to celebrate: we are reintroducing Throx!

We first saw them in 2003 and later suggested them as the perfect stocking stuffer for the holidays. ...yes, I know, the journal is a bit of a mess back there,
it is being worked on, more about that another day...
We've got several new styles in now...
a couple are on our site, a couple more are being added this weekend
and bunches more are only in the store (for now).
There are due to be even more in coming months, including thigh highs(!!!)