This week marks the one year anniversary of having a walk-in sock shop
...and a brilliant year it's been too. It was never my plan to open a store, just to have a fun website that I could run from home in my spare time. As the years passed, nearly nine of them already, I needed more and more help as sales grew and grew.
We outgrew our spaces every two years until we got a nice big warehouse in the heart of southeast Portland with a perfect area for a shop in the entry way. It's a tiny little shop that doesn't always meet people's expectations of somewhere called Sock Dreams because it can be maddening to know that "the entire Sock Dreams warehouse is right on the other side of the curtain" as one person described it, yet you are limited to the selection we have chosen for the store area (though we are always willing to find what you seek in our warehouse, we can't actually let the public roam freely back there any more than Willy Wonka could let folks roam his factory). The very same girls run our shop that help us pull orders out in the warehouse in the morning and I make a point to work with them all so that I am sure they share my vision and love for socks. No doubt we'll outgrow this space as our little shop has been far more popular than I ever imagined so we're sort of on the look out for a second space nearby. Somewhere we can have more socks than even our most wwwoted sock brethren expect us to have, with spaces to try tryable things on, and lots of other fun stuff nearby for those who have traveled long and far to find us to enjoy.
And once again I find myself thanking all of you, near and far, who have helped make this journey such a joy and this dream so vivid. Whether you have only bought one pair of socks, told just one friend, or spread the word to anyone who will listen, my fellow Sock Dreamers and I are forever grateful!