These are part of the Laurel Burch collection which I had long ignored because they are so cute it almost didn't seem right to offer them here. I brought them in over the holidays so I could give a pair to my aunt who has long used Bluecat in her email address due to the blue ceramic cat she'd had since childhood. I didn't realize it during all the excitement at the end of the year but the store had quickly sold out of these and when I went to get them for the site our supplier was out as well. They finally arrived last week and now we have plenty of artistic blossoming cats, blue cats and whimsical dogs. I know, they are kind of silly, but it makes me really happy to look down and see these on my feet!

Sometime last fall one of our committed sock enthusiasts wrote us with somewhat of a manifesto on what she felt other women, along with herself, were seeking in socks and among the requests was more "artistic cat socks". Artistic cats totally stuck as a concept that made us happy and I don't think I've ever seen more artistic cats than these guys so if you enjoy a good novelty sock and love cats or know someone who does these just might make their day. I keep mine with my night gowns & comfiest around-the-house attire for wearing when I want to relax and enjoy the simple pleasures in life, like catnaps and chasing strings.
blue cats from the front