It has snowed every day for nearly a week now with more due.
This being our busiest week online I was grateful for everyone braving the elements every day to keep the socks flowing out our door & into your homes.
Saturday was the last big day for shipping, and the forecast calls for freezing rain and ice so I announced first thing Saturday morning that Sunday is a snow day for us, no one will be working in our warehouse and our store will be closed. Yes, this should be a huge weekend for our store, not in the ice though, the roads will not be safe, the news keeps telling us so. Stay home if you were gonna come see us because we're not there.
Don't worry, we will be back on Monday, all bundled up and ready to go...
If you need your socks by Wednesday they best be shipped 2 day express, or picked up at our store, we'll be there til 4 on Wednesday. Well, we won't actually be there personally, our vacation starts after we get caught up on Monday!!! But we'll have plenty of Sock Dreamers on hand to get you your socks & other dreamy goodies.
Happy Winter Solstice!!!