In a pinch for what to get a guy?
We have a great assortment of socks for men...
Our top picks for the stylish gentleman:
B.ella luxury socks that survive the washer and dryer...
Marcello Big Striped Men's Socks
Maniche wool/silk blend Tweed Bootsocks
Aurelio Colorblock men's socks
and of course, our very own B Chevron, lightweight and made of recycled fibers.
All four of these styles are made in the USA
and have survived being washed & dried by real men.
Add some stylish sock garters in either a classic style or our very own suspender style which is infinitely easier to attach to his socks (or your socks) and stay attached.
We have both, with and without stripes, and even offer a vegan friendly version.

Now that you have his feet covered, throw in a pair of warmers for his hands.
Most of them will fit most men. Our personal favorites are the
Polonova velvet wrist warmers, they really complete a very nice look.
We'll be coming in and shipping all orders out as fast as we can
right up until the last minute, regardless of the weather...
Happy Holiday shopping!!!