Today novelty socks officially got an attribute for the quick search drop down menu, thanks to the addition of the 3D Pretty Kitty Novelty Socks.
It's not that I've ever been anti-novelty sock,
it's just that we didn't have that many
and department stores are full of them, especially around the holidays.
Olivia has it written into the new design so there will be an official catagory for the quick-search-impaired and it is sure to become a large section because people sure do seem to love the silly little novelty socks nearly as much as they love the long, lovely socks our dreams are made of. I'm adding socks we currently have to this category slowly but surely, starting with the obvious choices. I'm not always sure where to draw the line between novelty and unusual so I'll be employing the help of my assistants and their minions, and of course, you...