Last month a local woman contacted Sock Dreams telling my staff of her lovely wares and asking if we were interested. Bsti intercepted an email with her link and told me I really needed to see them. No, I don't need to see any more must have socks right now, we already have more coming than I can possibly manage sanely, but curiosity always gets me and sure enough, they're awesome!

So I wrote her and we met and I ordered and she screen printed, resulting in a lovely assortment arriving as our starter order. Now, as I mentioned, I am swamped (just the way I like it btw, but I am forever overestimating how much I can accomplish in a day) so I decided they'd be store only til we catch up and can get them all properly photographed. But I just know some of you are going to love them!

Here's the basic information: the knee highs are made in the US, nylon trouser socks, then they are screen printed by hand with the best patterns I have seen, every edge is perfect, no weird gaps or overlaps. The colors are black with silver or gold and red, maroon, brown & olive with black (swirls only on the colors).
The wrist warmers are soft yummy velvet with a mehndi pattern screen printed on in copper (as specially requested by me because it looked awesome and I didn't want to bother with silver & gold).

So, if you are brave and willing to play a little game with me, I'm going to let you buy them with the catch that you can only suggest a color and we'll choose the pattern and send them off to you with a wink and a smile.
Polonova Knee Highs
Polonova Velvet Wrist Warmers