Fishnet always seemed like a perennial favorite, one that never went out of style.
And while it surely must be a true classic that never really goes out of style, especially in warmer weather, it certainly does seem to me that demand has dropped the last couple of years. That said, I still love fishnet so when I noticed new color options for the basic fishnet gloves from Leg Avenue I went ahead and ordered some. And since I am in the process of updating older images on the site for the launch of the new site (um, right, still working on that, but it really is coming along nicely) I went ahead and reshot all of the colors of fishnet gloves with the help of my fine fellow sock lovers, some of the store decor and my trusty old baton as props...

(yes, some of us really can twirl it to the surprise of our coworkers)
The only thing I really don't like about these gloves is all the fishnet that ends up at the tips of the fingers where the seams meet, thankfully it is easy to cut the tips off for quick and easy fingerless fishnet gloves.

You can do it at the tips or anywhere down further on the fingers and it will last ages without fraying. I did this to my black pair years ago and they are still fine after many wearings. So tell me, do you like fishnet any more or less than you ever have?