The Microfiber Chenille Leg Warmers now have two new fabulous colours: Peacock and Plum! And they also have matching arm warmers too! These are wonderfully soft and squishy. They fit snugly against your leg or arm, but aren't too tight as they're really stretchy too. They're the softest chenille I've ever encountered. I like to wear the leg warmers on my arms as I wash my hands alot during the day & I can quickly push them up.

I love these warmers so much I bought almost all the colours! They only cost $10 a pair for the leg warmers & $13 for the arm warmers. Such a small price for something so exquisitely joyfull to touch.

As an aside, out of necessity I have to do my laundry in one big load, instead of sorting colours and doing many smaller loads. Last time I washed some new clothes and my pink and camel warmers picked up all the colour from the wash and now they are both grey. I don't know if this is something peculiar to them or not, but just thought I'd share in case any of you have those rockin' mono-load-laundry skills like I do. ;)

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