This has been my absolute favorite pair of socks since they arrived as a sample pair a couple of years ago. Knowing you'd all want them in thigh highs we started ordering them. And while I love those too, these have remained my one truly dreamiest sock, just over my knees, often hanging out just under them. They get softer and softer every time I pull them out of the dryer.
Now this great length is here for everyone to enjoy.
Many of the days since they arrived you can find at least a couple of pairs being worn around Sock Dreams so it seems they are well loved by many already.
autumn colored O Dreamy Stockings
I was super happy when the timing worked out perfectly for taking them up on my little sock getaway in Seattle with Raubynn last weekend...
classic dream stockings
We had lots of fun running around town taking pictures in our socks.
slouched and comfy as can be!
Surely some people thought us mad
Hibiscus sock dreams
I was mesmerized by the hibiscus, such pretty colors!

When I came home I found out the last couple of colors were in so I put them on
Dreamy over the knee socks in bark
and climbed my favorite tree...
dreaming of sock faeries up in the trees

We also got this new color that we happily ordered in both lengths...
Dreamy antique stockings
some said they looked like patina, some preferred antique. In honor of Amanda officially taking over the Dream Stocking section I gave her the final say...
antique it is, and gorgeous too!
I nearly forgot to add this one from before my trip...
Ever dreamy on larger legs too!
These are indeed dreamy as a knee high on fuller legs!