Crazy are the space dyed...
by nature, all space dyed socks are unique individuals, like me, and hopefully you.
this means from one pair to the next they do not look the same
within a pair they do not look the same
...sometimes, but not always, not usually anyway.
And sometimes this drives people crazy because they want their socks to match...
eachother, or the pair they saw when they said, "yeah, I want those!"
But that's just the way they are, nothing I can do about it
...except, maybe, not offer them at all
and we don't want that do we? no, we don't, because we like them.
No, we love them! and have always said these would be great for our shoppe
then you can see exactly what you are getting when you buy them
which leads to craziness because then you'll want to see each and every pair
and this just is not possible on the website, wouldn't it be cool if it were?
but I assure you, chaos would ensue and we just aren't going to try and tackle that!
But all the while I keep ordering in more & more because Nouvella just has so many...
and I can't resist them!
...terry shorties: Short, just past your heels, not quite past your ankles
...terry crews: past your ankles, maybe to your knees,
(((these just might be one of my all time fav's)))

...and space dyed knee highs: up to your knees with ease and they'll stay up there too!

they all come in a dizzying array of choices
and I add a few nearly every time I order
next time you'll see the likes of sparkle, coney and space star...
what do they look like? I can't remember, but they're sure to be fun!

Here's an example of potential variations...

(image links to a much larger version for detail)