Our newest tights are from Foot Traffic. Although I was reluctant to give them a try at first, I decided to reconsider them when the long-beloved E.G. Smith tights starting having quality issues. So, before I go into more reasons we love the new tights so much, it's time I tell you what I know about the E.G.s: For years they were the gold standard for cotton tights, nice fit, totally comfy, great quality and tons of colors. We sold oodles of them over the past several years with few complaints. We loved them so much before the problems started cropping up that they were included in part of our private label deal. Then, sometime during the holiday rush, we started seeing an unusual amount of returns on them for split seams or odd fit. At first it seemed like it was a small percentage with far more good than bad and when we couldn't restock a few colors we offered our private labeled version in place of them, and as replacement pairs for the returned defects. Only to realize that they were, apparently, from the same faulty batch made by a mill that was over worked and under improved. When it came to my attention that more were coming back than not I took them off the site and informed the supplier that we could not send any more out to our customers in good conscience. Since people have come to expect a nice selection of quality cotton tights at Sock Dreams I reconsidered the Foot Traffic version. It isn't made in the US, but they reassured me they've worked with the same mill in Taiwan for over 20 years and are confident that they are being produced in a conscientious and safe environment by healthy, happy adults earning decent wages. We all set about testing these new tights before ordering in enough for everybody and were indeed pleased! they are soft and comfy, all this talk about high needle count and combed cotton proved to be true. The waistband doesn't fold over or twist...

The single seam is both flattering & durable and they are fairly opaque (notice how you cannot see the tattoo on my lower back through the ivory tights). And that single seam is a flat seam that won't show through if you're wearing a sleek skirt. They are adding more colors, but whether they will add a larger size remains to be seen. They tell me these will fit up to 6 feet and 200 lbs though they did not commit to it on their labels. I also love their new leggings, same great fit, just not feet. While we were pulling orders this morning I came across this note on an order for five pairs:
"These are as great as you said!!!"
...I hope everybody agrees ~=)