sock order pulling
First thing in the morning we print up the orders
then we split them into sections for efficient order pulling.
Most orders follow a theme...
mostly OTKs, or tights or men's socks, baby socks, warmers ect
many have a misc pair or more
several will need stuff from all over.
A few of us each grab our first stack, look it over
writing our thanks, replying to notes if needed
we collect our boxes and carts and head out to find your socks...
aisles of socks
collecting order after order as we go...
sock cart
until we've found every last sock
more socks than you could possibly dream of!
Then we stack them on these shelves...
Sock Dreams shipping shelves
Our shipping team takes over from here.
They weigh them and package them and send them off with amazing speed.
After that it is the hands of the US postal service...
and for all the thousands of socks we send out each week
only a few seem to arrive late or go missing.
Most arrive swiftly, to your happy toes.
And so it goes...