Sister Suite Stockings
The choreographer/director of the dance video in the last post sent me this still image this weekend. I love that they are all wearing our striped Dream Stockings!
I don't get a chance to post every worthy picture people send us.
...but some are just so charming I can't resist.

Now, to start our week...
two nice letters I found in feedback this morning:

I just received a variety of your socks/thigh highs from my hubby. I love the socks & your site and have added you to my bookmarks. I sense an addiction brewing ;)


Just found your site... where have I been. Thank goodness there are others who share my passion for socks. My faves are stripy ones - there used to be a store here in my town called Socks Appeal, but they have long since closed down, so I was left to scour the shelves during Halloween mostly to try to find some comforting socks... I had almost given up hope. Thank you again - soon to be a very loyal customer! :)


and an odd one...

where can I get info on mens floppy socks

thank you


Can anyone tell me what "men's floppy socks" are exactly?

11/28/07 update, loose socks was what he sought.