Liz & Amanda recently dreamed up a whole new batch of stripy combinations...
Last week they all arrived here at the warehouse we set about trying them out and taking pictures
Liz did the photography and write up ("copy") for this style
and I was beckoned to join them for a group shot to use for the thumbnail was a welcome break from my daily doings! We both had cameras so I shot a few from my perspective. They are pretty colors, unusual combinations I wouldn't have thought up myself, and the usual old-fashioned fit, like the other striped Dream Stockings have. Someone recently referred to this as being "from the days before lycra". Actually, they do have a touch of lycra in them, just not that snug, hold onto your every curve, kind of lycra content most socks have, and many of us like it that way. They go over our knees and stay in our dreams, they may not stay up perfectly or fit everyone and we love them just the same! if you love our various colored knees combos or our M Stripes these are a cornucopia of yummy new choices!