Bright red plaid in perfect contrast to a very gray day!

Remember when you were little and you wanted to wear that tiara to the grocery store... or the football helmet to your Aunt Celia's wedding? Remember how that one favorite thing to wear could change the mood of every adventure you had? These favorite things seemed to take on magical powers, and we got to be someone special each time we wore them.

Armwarmers and gloves are like that for me... The moment I put them on I feel special. I end up pointing much more than necesssary (which way did you want to go, this way? that way?... oh it's over there... etc.) I tend to make grand sweeping gestures with my hands just to catch a glimpse of how these fun accesories accent what I feel is the second most expressive part of us all (our face being the first). My large hands feel prettier, more delicate... and don't even get me started on the funky factor of anything that gets to hang out over your wrists with folds of fabric.

They are also most excellent for "squishing tall buildings"

awesome accessory for “squishing” distant things…

These are perfect for holding the hand of someone you love

Whether you’re holding a paw…




Now when you take something this cute and make it in plaid, it just can't get any better than that.




or your paw is being held…  fun handwarmers are so sweet!


The Plaid arm warmers fit my larger hands just fine, they come mid way up my forearm all the way stretched out (but I like em scrunched up at the wrist). These are the sort of thing that look even better the more you wear em.

Sure these have a function... they can certainly help to keep you warmer on brisk days...

but for me, these are just pure magic fun! (I'm even wearing them while I'm typing this up... they ummm, really help with my typing... yeah, that's it... wearing them helps with my typing) ;o)