Fall is coming!! fall is coming!! fall is coming YAY!!  FANTASTIC SOCKS FOR FALL!! 

shhhh ... I mean it!!

Keep it down now .... cause once it gets out that THESE ARE SOOO fANTASTIC  everybody and their mother is going to buy multiple pairs and deplete the stock before I get more. Envision an old movie department store scene where people are grabbing anything, and mutiple tug's of war breakout...  "mine, mine, mine" "I had it first" "let go of my sock" "Unhand that thigh high you cad"  :O)

In my humble opinion... The Cronert Ribbed Wool OTK's are one of the best OTK socks since the old longsocks (sigh... remember them?!). Grab handfulls of these, stock up your sock drawers cause you are going to want to wear these daily! And oh yea... it's really nice that they are wool (not the itchy kind.. the soft breathable touchable kind), and it's certainly lovely that they are made by Cronert, and it's really super that they come in great colors (the olive is trying to seduce me) ... BUT... It's just freakin AWESOME that they feel so good, fit so good, and are just so DARN COZY!

 The lightness of breathable wool was a wonderful surprise to me..

Now okay... you know I have to say it... I really could use a bit more length in them. That pretty little pattern change into the cable knit forms a line that starts at the top of my knee, so when I fold them over to cuff they just make it over my knees in length. I wish there was no pattern change line or that it started at least after my knee so that I could uncuff these and wear them as TRUE OTK's (uncuffed as they are, I just don't like that little line directly on my knee).

  Cuffed…Still makes it just over the knee of this Longer and Larger sock lover…

The cable knit part reminds me very much of the well adored Diamond Rid knee highs (similar stretch and feel to me), I dreamed of getting those knee highs in a thigh high, now these gorgeous OTK Cronerts are the closet thing I've found to that sock dream and I'm near giddy with delight. These don't stay up perfectly (while walking, mine just sort slid down and then happily stayed just under my knees... so sock garters may be a must for some). And as far as foot fit goes, the heels "just" made it to meet mine (I would have loved some extra wiggle room)... but truly these are close enough for me... I LOVE THESE SOCKS!

Cool fall breezes and cozy, cuddly, beautiful days are coming and these are just what the doctor ordered.

Mine mine mine....