Green is in the air
and so is a chill, with Fall near, tights weather is here!!!
We just restocked the EG Smith tights with the three missing colors due back soon. The quality of these tights seems better than ever this year as a new company has taken responsibility for their production and is also working with Eric (the E in EG Smith) on an exciting new line of green socks, not green like my new pair of chartreuse tights seen here, but green as in organically grown cotton dyed with natural dyes all made here in the US for what just might be the earth-friendliest socks ever! They should arrive by spring so stay tuned for that ~:) but for now, back to tights... EG Smith Bigger Better tights were not on the order list for awhile and that really upset us! sure these original "Leg Therapy" tights are supposed to fit up to 6 feet tall and 200 lbs, but not all proportions are comfortable in them and prefer the BBs. Better news? I'm asking them to make more colors in bigger better, including space dyed and heathers, and while we're asking for stuff, how about some bigger better leggings? if you've tried to find genuine plus sized leggings you know there is room for improvement here. So here's to dreaming up more ways to stay warm in the cooler months! Great for women and men alike, totally opaque with a nice roomy double-seamed rear and a few fresh images of the same old classic colors.