...Or, the long & short of the new lace thigh highs, restocked & reviewed.
The picture on the package is gorgeous, it shows a matching top and panty which are not included nor do we plan to get them at this time. Pity, I know, but we don't want to get into the fit & return issues they would incur and the stockings are just so pretty we had to try them! Straight out of the package they look rather large, but that is because of the lace, it is a stretchy lace sewn into a stocking and came nearly up to the tops of my little 30 inch legs. They fit nicely and stayed up fine, they were just too long for me to wear and still be able to show off their cute ribboned tops so onto the sewing machine they went. Yes, it is a good sturdy lace, won't snag easily...
and can certainly handle a new seam along the toes.
I think it would be best to do this on a serger, but knowing most of you don't have one I did a simple zig zag stitch (in pink & purple) and cut off the extra length...
Much better!
When pulled up they appear to fit even in the thinner areas like above my heels, but when I loosened them you can see how there can be a little slack at the knees
Pull them up and they are all better and are sooo pretty I cannot resist them...
As for the fit at the tops, not only can you tighten that ribbon to fit the skinniest of thighs, the stretch actually fit our larger thighs, without a bulge(!!!) and we feel 23 inches around should be no problem with these.