a simple basic and a simple luxury
Some days I just like a simple cotton sock between me and my fav boots and while Sock Dreams has no shortage of comfy cotton socks to choose from, one of my current fav's is the Organic Nuby. Short & to the point these little socks are made here in the US with US grown organic cotton that is soft, nicely padded around the feet and just enough spandex in the tops to stay up without digging in. The capris are from Via Spiga and just happen to be the comfiest and prettiest lacy capris I've ever had. The fit around the tummy was most excellent, didn't dig in to my squishy parts (yes, we all have them) and stayed down below my knees with their nice flat/wide cuffs that barely leave a mark when removed. I've been so impressed by the Via Spigas that I plan to bring in more of their styles this fall/winter. Til then, if you fit into their small/medium or medium/large range I highly recommend these!
Miss Lola assesses the backdrop
(little miss Lola assessing my set up before I started taking pictures)