Organic hemp dress socks
Also high on my original list of socks I dreamed of selling: hemp socks...
The 2 Brothers Hemp Crew is our third, and quite possibly my favorite hemp sock yet; like the other organics it also comes in two sizes. The EG Smith version was nice, but has not been available to us since last year.
Hemp is known for being easy to grow without the help of fertilizers and insecticides and the fiber is perfect for all kinds of things from paper to clothing and much much more. Unfortunately hemp has a bad reputation from a shady past and we're not allowed to grow it here in the USA, not even for its fiber or pulp that could save forests full of trees. Hopefully that will change someday, but for now the hemp yarn is imported and mixed with cotton to make a soft absorbent sock that will keep your feet cooler than cotton alone. I thought I had more to say about this, but now I don't remember what it was ~;)
We'll be adding even more organic styles in the months to come!