thigh highs with hearts
These lovely thigh highs with woven hearts are not only adorably cute, but make a nice contrast to a more preppy outfit, like a tartan skirt. So hearts are not only for Valentines and romance, but fit nicely for work too.
They come in both black and white and, to my great joy, in both plus and "normal" size. My legs aren't long, but plump, so one size socks often get too short, or create a bulge in the thigh. But not with plus size.
They don't stay up on their own, but then I think this kind of romantic, yet sexy, stockings look best with a garter belt.
The stockings are very sheer, but not particularly easily snagged. To avoid snagging from the zippers in my ankle boots I wore a pair ofFlat Knit Bell Top Anklets, a lovely thin, seamless rayon anklet that takes virtually no place in your shoes with them. These anklets are wonderful if you want to protect thin stockings in boots without adding bulk. They show a lot in this picture, but that's because of the angle the photo is taken from. And the blue sort of matches the skirt.