We've been carrying our military boot socks in black and green for a few years now and have been getting alot of praise and requests for more colors the whole time.
But it wasn't until earlier this year that we decided to pursue the dream of a more colorful selection. For now it's just pastels, but we'll work on getting more...
so in true 'don't ask don't tell' fashion we'd appreciate if you don't ask us when,
because we can't tell you ~;)
Here's what we can tell you:
they come in more sizes than most of our socks
they stay up really well on most people
they have thick terry cushioning around the soles, toes & heels
...drier feet with fewer blisters will result from miles of marching
or hiking, or sleeping, or horsing around on a cool fall day with your best buddy
~ and you still don't have to join an army to wear our Sock Dreams Military socks ~