Here we have Sourpuss' Skulls & Bones Over the Knees worn with Foot Traffic's Opaque tights. The tights are only 8 buckaroos and that's a good deal for a great tight. After I left my job in retail I swore I would never wear pantyhose or tights again because they itched my delicate Lady flesh so badly. Zoinks! But these had no itch at all! They were soft and silky and the crotch stayed exactly where a crotch should be! OK, yes, I am 5'2", but I STILL have problems with dropping crotch areas on tights. These Foot Traffic tights gave me NO problems there. I now want these tights in all their 5 fabulous colours: Natural, Black, Olive, Brown and these are the vibrant Fuchsia! They come in One size and Plus size. I have washed these with an all black load of laundry {which is all I own} and the fuscia is as bright as ever. These tights really impressed me and I bet you'll like them too.

The Sourpuss Skulls & Bones Over the Knees is a nice knit stripe sock for $13. They're comfortable and fun. The heel slides up a bit on my 6.5 foot, but it wasn't physically noticeable, just visually. That's a well made sock when it doesn't fit perfectly, but you don't notice it physically. Meaning there was no bunching behind my ankle or heel. I do think larger feet than mine will love these. A very fun, well made sock for stripe lovers. It stays up OTK really well and the skull doesn't get all stretched out of shape when I pulled them up. I'm a big fan of sweet yet naughty combos and this is a fun one with girlish pink stripes and the skull and crossbones of doom! Yar!