I've still been loyally reading the sock journal even though life has taken over a bit and I haven't posted in a while!

I was so excited to see the footless fishnets back in stock (and now in white too)! All you have to do is walk through the mall and you can see that one of the big fashion statements for fall is peep-toe shoes. I can see these footless fishnets becoming a staple in my wardrobe for the coming months, because I personally hate having my toes covered when they're showing. You could even throw leg warmers on top of the footless fishnets with a nice simple black peep-toe wedge for a cute look (does it show that I've been working in a shoe store the past few months?). I think the fishnets are a bit more dressy than just plan footless tights.

These fishnets in particular fit me so well. They're not tight and clingy...they're really soft and kind of just fall against your skin, along the curves of your knee and calf. My hips and waist area are still swollen as I'm recovering from surgery, but they still fit extremely comfortably up top...again they didn't feel tight at all...they were just right with a good amount of stretch to them. They're also quite durable. I didn't worry much about snagging them. The bottom band stayed in place really well, so no worries about them rolling up on you either.

I love them so much I'm probably going to end up getting them in the white too.