So with summer here I really cant resist the urge to wear some of my lighter more fruit-a-luscious outfits. Problem is. It's so hard to find some versatile and yet spunky hosiery and socks to go with my looks!

So, answer to my problem? Time for a seasonal sock dreams order! This round some of the items I couldn't turn down was their Lime Sushi socks and sheer stripes.

When I first saw the lime sushi socks I had to say I had never seen anything like them. As a vegetarian I am stuck eating a ginger salad at the sushi restaurants but I cant help but say I've found sushi to be very pretty..soooo pfh, socks with them I couldn't resist. They are very elastic and I image they would fit the small and large feet for this very reason. Myself I am a size 8-9US and was amazingly comfortable in their stretchiness. Very opaque and vibrant the only thing I found uncomfortable is that the insides contain a lot of lumpy stitching from the prints .

So... to solve that problem ^_^ I suggest wearing some form of hose beneath them. The Sheer stripes were amazingly soft but also delicate. One kneel on the concrete and I could see a few runs. However the pinks really flatter and balance out a red/yellow skin tone. Id imagine the blue ones would give someone a more tanned yellowish hue to their skin in comparison. Pretty good stay up power, though if you have thunder thighs like myself you will have a bit of a dip in on your flesh if you pull them all the way up. My legs from ankle to top are 32 inches and these came almost all the way up on me.

Overall I am in love with the products..and find them to be a great combo for someone looking for versatility and personality to add to their wardrobe.