Two new lace up thigh highs are in and do they differ!
First is the Lycra Mesh Thigh Highs with Metal Hook Lace Up Backs.
Sheer with a nice wide band at the tops, these are brilliant, and if you have large legs you are sure to agree. But if you have legs anywhere near as thin as mine save your money because they are not going to be as stunning as you want them to be. It's weird too because the picture on the label shows a thin model with a much wider space between the hooks than we ended up with in the testing and trying on.

I think this is fabulous news for larger legged ladies and cross dressers.
And, like any lace up, you could switch out the ribbons for a much fancier one or simply a different color to liven things up. I don't think we'll see the loose eyelet issues we've had with other lace up styles either, they look good and sturdy. One word, no, two words of warning though, allow extra time to get these laced up before you plan to wear them because they come unlaced and take awhile. Plus, it couldn't hurt to have a friend help you with straightening the lace tension and tying the bows.

Next are the "Opaque" Thigh Highs with Lace Up Backs...

Actually they are only semi opaque, but they fit me alot better, showing some skin between their laces all the way down to their V. They were a little tricky to lace up, you might need to look at a picture of them to get it right the first time, and even then we had trouble getting the ribbons through the correct holes at the tops.

P.S. the gloves in the first image are these.