Sock garters come in many forms and anybody can make them with just a little creativity. But not everybody wants to have to make their own so we try to offer at least a few fun and useful styles. We are always dreaming up new ones and sometimes have trouble keeping them in stock for one reason or another.
Our first sock garters were based on the ones our Angora thigh high makers offered. I asked before making ours because stealing other peoples ideas just isn't nice. They said they didn't know the origin and that by all means we should go ahead and make them. The latest edition is an even less expensive version that is just for around your knees. You could cuff your knee highs or OTKs to cover these, but I found I really like leaving them showing. It is recommended that you wear these as loosely as is functional because if you tighten them too much you are restricting the flow of blood through your legs and we do not want that do we? No, no we don't because tingling toes and spider veins can result and that just isn't good!