At the very same time our own Shelleopard was posting about the cute AChevrons, I was taking a walk on the pier in my OChevrons. Vel and I love going for early (way AM) walks in cute socks (I'm the one to wear them, though he has in fact worn socks... But that's another story).

I never wore these before because I was convinced that I didn't like them on me. In honesty, I've had these Natural color OChevrons for quite a long while now. When they had arrived I tried them on once and intentionally hid them away (far away in the deep recesses of my closet). What had put me off? The two main size problems I have with many socks were found in these too. The feet are too small to properly fit a size 11... And the legs too short to accommodate wider, longer legs to an OTK length. Though I loved the pattern, that just wasn't enough for me to like them when they didn't fit quite right. Until....................

The Oscar boxes happened (Star Sock Gift boxes). When I tried on the longer Ochevrons in that gift pack I nearly giggled with excitement. One of the problems was no more. They now were able to go up and over my knees! I danced around in lovely chevron purpleness. Yes, they are snug on my ample pins... But the pattern is not distorted on the width and I do believe that with more wear they will become more fitting on my legs. With shoes, they are lovely on me... Without shoes, it is obvious that the feet are way too small. I know I seem to have a such a long wish-list of socks that I would like to see with larger feet, but it's just because I do have larger feet and want to wear ALL the socks :O)

anyway... Having now fallen in adoration of the longer Chevrons, it was time to take the OChevrons out of the isle of misfit-ing socks and give them another try during a lovely morning walk out on the NYC piers. (see the stature of Liberty through the bars of the rail?)I felt very dolly like with these ankle/maryjane style shoes and my Ochevrons cutely slouched around my ankles. There is something very clean and crisp about the chevron pattern, the same type of effect that cable knit patterns have. I'm so glad that the Purple Oscar box Chevrons convinced me to try these once more... As long as I'm wearing shoes (to hide the heel seam in my arch), these Ochevrons make really sweet little slouchie socks. But, if you have thinner legs and smaller feet than me... These Ochevrons would be amazing as OTKs too! Totally perfect for that 'school girl' look.

The Chevron Dream styles are great. If they ever come with larger feet, I will be totally in love with them... Until then, as long as I have shoes to hide the heels, (and boy do I have shoes) I just really really like them :O)