I recently met a beautiful woman selling brightly colored tights and stockings at a trade show. She had some of the more unique styles I've seen and I ordered so many my head was starting to spin. Most won't be in til closer to fall, but she brought us these arm & leg warmers right away. The only problem is there weren't nearly as many of them available as I wanted. More to come, *hopefully*, for now there are the extra long black arm warmers which were not meant to be this long and we only got a dozen. Shelleopard was here visiting at the time and snagged a pair immediately so we have 11 left for you ~:) they are 25 inches long! the same length as the leg warmers which come in solid black and stripes to match the striped arm warmers I posted last night. Of the striped arm warmers I ordered the jeans (pictured below) and the violet can in very small amounts, I do think we'll get more but do not yet know when. They are about 15 inches long and are sooo comfy! t-shirt material with thumb holes, the part around the hands is not tight like some arm warmers. I was told the leg warmers would not stay up and were meant to fall, but when I tried them I thought they stayed up pretty well creating the thigh high leg warmers we've been getting requests for lately. They didn't stay up perfectly, I did have to pull them back up from time to time, wearing them over tights would lessen this as would using some type of garter, the fabric is thin enough to allow or garter belt clips too.