Just because you totally destroy your favorite sneaks doesn't mean you have to throw them out! In addition to being mangled beyond belief, the sneakers are also two sizes too big but the sentimental packrat in me couldn't let go of them. Paired with the rainbow anklet toe toe socks, they almost have an "I meant to do that!" look. They'll be fun to revive when all the snow disappears and it warms up a bit.

I was never big on anklets because once I shove my feet in most shoes, they disappear and I can't enjoy them...but these Toe Toe socks are amazing whether you can see them or not! Just the 'barely there' feeling of them, almost like a second skin covering your toesies, keeping them dry and comfy. I was really impressed with how well they stretched and clinged to my feet and the lack of seams also helps to ensure comfort.

These will surely make for some very happy toes.