After being sick the past couple weeks and in & out of the hospital it's so nice to be better! I was going through sock withdrawls. My biggest complaint in the hospital was that they give you these SUPER scratchy stiff little bootie socks with uncomfortable treads on the bottoms. I yelled multiple times, "You call THESE socks!?" And while people tried to assure me the socks were the least of my worries, I couldn't help it. I've been spoiled by my sock family here. I'm used to the finer things in life, like the shag slipper socks

They've been keeping my feet nice and toasty while I'm laying in bed. So nice and soft! They streched comfortably over my feet though tend to slip a bit when I'm walking across the hardwood floors in my house. They collected the dust and fuzz on the hardwood floors so I don't even have to sweep now! My cats are also big fans of them and crawl into bed with me to attack the fuzzy things on my feet.

These are definately a must-have :)