The O Marled socks are the perfect way to keep your legs warm this winter! They're so toasty and comfy and soft that I've even made a habit of sleeping in them. Pulled all the way up, they hit me about mid-thigh (without being tight or constricting at ALL) and stayed right where I put them without garters. But if you're swinging on the swings at the park, I suggest folding and scrunching them down a bit if you want better leverage to swing higher ;)

The size small fit my 8.5 feet fine and they hugged my legs nicely from heel to thigh without being loose anywhere. The thick, marled yarn is so unique but at the same time feels almost classic for a winter wardrobe. I love them in black, but I do think the fawn is calling my name.

Good thing the holidays are coming up. I've already been asked what I want for Christmas, and when I reply "SOCK!" I always get: "No, really! What do you want?" Some people just don't get it :P